Opportunities for Native Landscapes and Ecosystems

In their 2011 analysis, the Cal Poly Pomona 606 Graduate Studio identified underutilized spaces such as steep hillsides, schools and industrial properties in the South Bay with strong opportunities for native landscapes. Incorporation of native landscapes could improve biodiversity, environmental quality, habitat connectivity and ecosystem services.  Certain sites also provide ecosystem, habitat and geologic educational potential despite a highly urban setting thus providing many of the same benefits of parks and open space.

Residential properties, another category with tremendous opportunity, were excluded from this example.

School Site Re-envisioned with Native Landscaping

Example of native landscaping that could provide educational opportunities

Current School Site

Example of a currently underutilized space

The Flagler Slope re-envisioned as a coastal sage scrub landscape

The re-imagined Flagler Slope adjacent to the Beach Cities Health District.  Create a coastal dune ecosystem to stabilize the slope.

Native Landscapes/Ecosystem Possibilities in the South Bay

Enhance biodiversity, the environment, habitat connectivity by re-envisioning underutilized spaces